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Vintage Western Wear – How to Buy the Right Cowboy Hat?

A hat is a must buy if you are a true fan of Rockmount Western Wear.

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And, if you are a fan of hats then a cowboy hat is a must buy for you. However, before making a purchase, you need to know that a good-looking cowboy hat may not look that great on you. Your favorite movie stars wear this hat as it serves the purpose of a fashion. Does a cowboy also wear a cowboy hat for fashion? No. This hat serves several purposes other than being a fashionable addition to one’s apparel.

Purposes Served By a Cowboy Hat

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Cowboys spend most of their day hours out in the sun with the cattle. The hat protects their eyes from the sun. It also protects the head of the cowboy from heat. It keeps the head dry when it rains. Cowboys also use this hat as a signal to communicate. This hat can be easily seen in vast western plains. It hides bald head. Cowboys find it pretty useful when it comes to taking a nap.

What to Consider While Buying a Cowboy Hat?

  1. The hat should not be blown away when you are riding. You don’t have to worry about this when you pick the right size.
  2. The hat has to be comfortable. Too tight hat restricts the blood flow. A tight hat also leaves creases on the forehead.
  3. The hat should fit your personality.
  4. The fashion industry changes quickly. Same goes for a hat. There are trends. However, classical hats are timeless.

Consider Shape and Size of Your Face

  1. A hat having medium height crown is perfect for you if your face is elongated and thin. The narrowness of your face will be exaggerated if the crown is too squat or too tall.
  2. If your chin is compact then lower crown cowboy hat should be your first choice. Tilt at the top of the crown deflects the attention from your small and compact chin.
  3. Choose a hat with a medium brim and higher crown if your face is oval shaped. A hat having too low brim will make the dimensions of your face look distorted.

It is very important to consider the shape and size of your face when you want to buy a western style cowboy hat. Rockmount Western Wear is iconic and so is the H Bar C. So, visit H Bar C store and explore the best western style collection.


H Bar C California Ranchwear – Home of Vintage Western Style Embroidery

Embroidery is an old art that is believed to be very popular in countries like India, Persia, China, Egypt and a few others in its initial days. Merchants and travelers from these countries introduced this art to the western world. Here at H Bar C California Ranchwear, we have taken this art to the next level. This one of the oldest fashions in the world is inspired from different cultures. Every culture has its own embroidery style statement. When you visit our stores and explore our collection of embroidery shirts, you will find that our pieces are inspired by the vintage western style.

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The vintage edgy type designs create very impressive and stylish shirts for American men and women. Roy Rogers, John Wayne, John Travolta, Clint Eastwood and many of your other favorite Hollywood stars have past connections with H Bar C California Ranchwear. Our designer embroidery shirts are exemplary as these are just the right combinations of the popular contemporary styles and the most famous designs from the 1890s. The way these designs enhance the looks and feel of a garment, an embroidery shirt, hat or a T-shirt from the stores of H Bar C California Ranchwear is going to be a fabulous addition to your outfit.

The art of embroidery can be used to create a wide range of impressive designs. And, this is exactly how we have used this art. We have made the most of this art to create brilliant new designs. We create these brilliant designs on the best fabrics available in the country. Shirts available at the online stores of H Bar C California Ranchwear are not only cool but comfortable as well. We create superb designs involving beautiful color schemes, patterns, shades and styles.

Our embroidery work makes our shirts, T-shirts and hats more appealing. The designs we create are incredibly durable. Here at H Bar C California Ranchwear, we have the true appreciation for embroidery and iconic western style. Therefore, we make use of our knowledge to create unique, beautiful and iconic designs.

Our cool shirts are available in various styles, colors and sizes for both men and women. Here are some of the cool shirts by H Bar C California Ranchwear.

The Nashville

The Nashville H Bar C Shirt

The Lasso T

The Laso H Bar C T-shirt

The San Fernando

The San Fernando H Bar C Shirt

The Manhattan

Scully cowboy western wear

H Bar C Eco Trucker Organic/Recycled Hat

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Ladies Contrast Crew with H Bar C Sign Post Logo

Ladies Contrast Crew with H Bar C

The Arrowhead

The Arrowhead H Bar C Shirt

The Royal Flush

The Royal Flush H Bar C Shirt.png

So, visit our stores and buy embroidery shirts inspired by the vintage western style.

Top 4 Tips for Selecting Embroidery Stitches

What switch where? This dilemma is always expected when you are about to start a new embroidery project. “What are the right stitches for my embroidery project?” This question is obvious when you are starting from scratch that is you just have a line drawing. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to write about the four basic and very useful tips by embroidery experts of H Bar C Ranchwear. These tips will give you the confidence you need to select stitches for your next hand embroidery project.

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Get Acquainted With Stitches

You need not do a detailed research on every type of stitch. However, there is a wide range of embroidery stitches available to you. Therefore, you need to get to know some stitches so that you can choose the right one for your project with confidence. You will find it hard to categorize embroidery stitches as there are wide ranges of embroidery stitches falling under different categories. However, you need not get acquainted with all types of stitches. Right now you should know about filling stitches, line stitches and isolated stitches.

Practice Stitches

Just have fun when you are practicing stitches on various patterns. Work on some random stitch samplers. This will help in learning the basics of stitches. After working on these samplers, see how well your work looks. You can also document your work. This will keep the track of how well you are progressing.

Start With Simple

When you have successfully completed two or three embroidery projects, don’t go for a bigger one. Follow step-by-step embroidery projects. Also, follow projects by someone else. Drawing on your own is not going to be simple. Therefore, start with simple drawings and simple projects. Maybe it is too early to start with complex projects. You may lose confidence when the complex project is not completed successfully on time.

Use Good Material

Always avoid using flimsy fabric. And, don’t use craft floss also. Invest in the superior quality material only. Buy the best material you can afford. Here is why you should not use poor quality floss to stitch on poor quality materials.

  • It is difficult to stitch on the poor quality material. Frustration is expected when things do not go smoothly.
  • Even when your stitching is good, you will get the poor quality finish. This will dishearten you.

Experts at H Bar C Ranchwear always recommend trying. Don’t be afraid of trying. Don’t be afraid of imperfection. Get inspiration from others. For example, you can explore H Bar C western wear collection to find beautiful and exemplary embroidery samples.